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Sailboat Family Pre-Trip 2011 Monthly Journal

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Tethers, Engines, Books, and Bags

[JAN11]Another year. This is the 4th January we've written up in our pre-travel monthly journals. Quite frankly, we're done writing about them. We need to go. There are 2 pieces of business that must be attended to first however. Both of our boat engines, the 40HP main and the 5HP dinghy engine, are kaput. We tried servicing them ourselves but we couldn't. Thankfully we know folks whom can help us and we've secured their help to get through this last set of obstacles. By the end of February, Ariel and Flounders engines will be in tip top order. This month also saw the picking through of books. A very unpleasant exercise, we went through 4 rounds of deciding which books will join us for life afloat. The thinning of the rest of our lives continues too. In January we saw 16 bags of stuff leave the apartment never to return. Another piece of kit has been constructed, and that is our life line tethers were made. These are the lines that will connect all of us to the boat, so that if for any reason any of us need to be on deck or in the cockpit during treacherous weather, we can clip into the boat and keep from being tossed overboard. The last bit of news for the month is that our cars seem to want us to go. Both of them are on their last legs, and both of them have their tags expire in February requiring emissions tests. We are doubtful either will pass without spending money on them. In the final January analysis, we are still here but we are tired of sharing that.


[FEB11]YES! February is done and so are our pre-trip journals! That's right, this is the last month of pre-trip journals!!! Bill has resigned from his job, Val has got every system of the boat online and ready, KJ and Dy are ready for boatschooling. In March, we will be sailing away!! All engines work, the fuel tanks are full, the water tanks are full, and the boat is fully provisioned for a month. After 3.5 years, we are finally ready to start our journey. Thank you, everyone, for all the support. All the ice creams and the emails of encouragement over the years have helped us stay focused on our goal. Now we get to execute on our dream. Thank you. Wow, this is the last monthly pre-trip journal. :)