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Sailboat Family Pre-Trip 2007 Monthly Journal

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Deciding to go for it!

[NOV07]No turning back, we are going for it! We are going to explore the world. How serious is this? This month we sold our house and moved into a small apartment very close to my work. We know a trip like this won't be cheap, so we had to adjust our cost of living to maximize the money we can put away. Further, going from a nice big four bedroom home with 3/4 an acre to a 2 bedroom apartment will be a nice gradual step towards living on a boat. Another upside regarding our move includes being so close to work that I can walk from my place to my office! That will be great as the gas prices seem to be going up again. We've now got this website to help publicly share the experience and we've begun telling friends and family our plans. The premise behind doing so is that if you share a goal with others, you are more apt to stick to it. At first, people look at us like we are nuts but then they say, "well, if anyone can do it, you guys can." It is interesting, people indirectly ask about how we could do such a thing ... financially. :) I just smile and say, "we will just have to figure it out." Ahh, why is it always about money!! We really want to do this, we will get it all worked out. More importantly, beyond money, we don't know how to sail a boat!!!! A minor issue, right?! ;)

What's it going to cost?

[DEC07]We've got our goal... sailing around the world exploring random ports of call. But how much would such a thing cost? We spent this month thinking a lot about this, and doing a lot of research. The fact is, it isn't a cheap proposition. We plan on, for example, not only sailing around but taking land excursions. When we get to Africa, we want to do a safari. That can cost a few thousand dollars. When in Egypt, we want to join a camel caravan in the Sahara desert, and that can cost a few thousand dollars. The list goes on and on. What about the boat? We need a boat that our family can safely traverse the world on AND live in. No row boat will do. Val and I agreed we would spend no more than $250,000. This is the cost of an "average" house in the US. Since the boat is our house, this seems reasonable. What about the day to day living expenses? The point of this trip is to explore the world full time and only work if and when it suits us because it provides for an experience. As Val likes to put it, once we head out on this trip, we should only ever work again because we want to, not because we have too. Tie all that up with standard living expenses. Surveying the internet, you see some folks traveling around spending $500 per month to averaging $2000 per month and upwards! Some of these folks are single people, and some are couples. We are a family of four! (Yes, to those who didn't know, Val is pregnant! :) We will be having another girl!!!! :)) Anyway, if we assume that the trip will take us 10 years (making KJ 20 years old and the new baby 18), the money numbers become huge!!! $2K per month times 12 months times 10 years = $240,000!!! That doesn't include the boat, nor does it include money to carry Val and I the rest of our lives. Tack on the boat, and we are now at half a million dollars! Holy shit that is a lot of money. That is the starting point for us. We have to minimally acquire $500,000 by 2016 to make this whole thing work. Time to figure out how to magically acquire that kind of money in our normal lives. The prospect is scary... but scary is good. We can do it, we just have to figure out how. Anyone got an extra half mill floating around? :)