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Other Voyage Links

Hacking Family
The Hacking Family website contains information about the Hacking family's journey as a sail boat family. Their site has information on education at sea, boat modifications for a family, and more. There is so much good information here that anyone interesting in doing such a trip just has to pay their site a visit.

Northern Magic
In 1997, Herbert and Diane Stuemer took their three sons (5, 9, and 11) out of school and set sail around the world! Their website that documents the journey is fantastic.

Ghost Sailors
A family of four living full time on a Ketch Sailboat in Seattle, WA. Their plan is to sail away in 2012. Their site is regularly maintained and you can get a feel for family life aboard a boat! You can sense their excitement about their lifestyle. Maybe someday we will anchor along side them in the South Pacific!

Zach Aboard
Here is a fantastic blog about a boy, Zach of course, whom lives aboard a boat with his mom and dad. Zach's mom has been kind enough to post words of encouragement to us on a mutually traveled Living Aboard forum. Like the others we've virtually met, the kindness of other family's living aboard is unbelievable!

Zero To Cruising
Zero To Cruising has a blog we enjoy reading very much; it is the journal of Mike and Rebecca Sweeney and thier journey to take the big plunge ... the very same plunge we are! Mike and Rebecca started with as much experience as we did (ZERO), they selected a 32 foot catamaran (a beautiful PDQ by the way), and they even have the exact same toy sailboat we do! While uncoordinated (I promise), even our blog postings often cross (same topic/same day!). There are many other similarities, and I encourage you to find them. Their site is fun, refreshing, full of energy, and well worth your time.

Pacific Bliss
Gunter and Lois have completed their amazing six year circumnavigation, taking bold routes! Hats off to those two. Their site has a ton of good information.

Warm Winds
This site is about a family that took three years to prepare their boat Phantom, and then they took off in August 1999 to sail the world! After leaving in August 1999, with a crew of 4, in 2001, they became a crew of 5. More crew is always good.

Sail Around the World
This is a map laden site showing the journey of a 42 foot catamaran as it made its way around the world on a 3 year journey.

1000 Days at Sea
The guy conducting this voyage has done a noteworthy job of self-promotion. Our hats off to him, and the amazing voyage he is making.