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Gemini 3200 Projects

This is a short cut list to blog entries that describe various projects and upgrades done on Ariel, our 1990 Gemini 3200 catamaran. Some efforts were done by us, and others by previous owners. The information is shared as reference material for others considering doing similar projects. Please note, we are not experts in marine repair or remodeling, and by following our approaches you do so at your own risk.
Name Links Picture Description Year
Boat Transport
Over Land.
Boat On Truck We moved our catamaran from Atlanta, GA to Savannah, GA. 2010
Composting Toilet
Broken weld on bracket We converted the standard marine toilet into a composting head. 2010
Rudder Repair Fixing Rudder Cage
Broken weld on bracket A stainless steel weld broke on the rudder cage requiring a re-weld. 2009
Air Conditioner Removal AC Removal
Air Conditioner in dock wheel barrel We removed a non-factory previous owner installed air conditioner. The brute was 75 lbs, and could only operate while at a marina on shore power. 2009